The future of high energy performance ignition, Blue Phoenix Ignition presents the world's first commercial plasma ignition module for racing. Designed to amplify the milliamp high voltage current generated by an ignition coil to a high energy plasma discharge exceeding several hundred amps, the PLASMASTORM X series of modules from Blue Phoenix Ignition is designed to work with any rotary distributor based ignition system, single fire coil pack systems such as LS series motors and waste spark coil pack systems. The high energy plasma discharge ignites the entire AIR-FUEL mixture in an instant generating an explosive flame front that expands 50X faster than with a conventional MSD promag spark. The end result is SOLID GAINS in Horsepower, Torque and a substantial increase in fuel efficiency even with lower quality fuels. . Read more about the system and how it works with your MSD system on our blogs at wordpress and blogspot. . We guarantee power and performance. You will never look at Ignition the same way again once you test ride any racing engine equipped with a Blue Phoenix Plasma Ignition System. Experience the power of lightning under the hood!

Blue Phoenix Ignition Sportsman Mud Racing SeriesBlue Phoenix Ignition is the proud title sponsor of the USOMRA Blue Phoenix Sportsman Mud Series. The series will provide sportsman level mud racers the opportunity to race in a professional racing series and collect championship points along the way!

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